We provide you with the guidance and tools to keep you on track, stay motivated, and build fitness throughout the year, so you can hit your biggest goals.

Custom Training plan

Designed for YOU

brown dried leaves on sand
brown dried leaves on sand

We will design, together with YOU, an individual program that matches your personal Level and needs, is tailored your Short-, Mid- and Long-term Goals , and most important fits around YOUR schedule.

… and don't forget to have fun!

Workout Feedback

Get Feedback for every workout you complete.

We will analyze your workouts and let you know if you completed your workout effectively, and provide further information on where we need to improve on and how to further progress your fitness

pile of brown wooden blocks
pile of brown wooden blocks


Personalized training

Coaching is specific to you. It considers your current fitness level, your athletic background, your responsibilities outside of training like family and work and of course your goals. The workouts are tailored to you and are adjusted based on your progression to work towards your goal.

Take the guess work out

Structured training lets you focus on the session without worrying if you should do this or that discipline or session, if this was too easy or too hard or even worse getting stuck in the 'gray zone'. A coach provides a training plan that adds a stimulus to your body to improve over time, by adjusting the training load of volume and intensity to the time of the season. And tells you when it's time to rest and recover to avoid overuse and injuries.

woman in black and red one piece swimsuit standing on shore during daytime
woman in black and red one piece swimsuit standing on shore during daytime


You are more likely to do the work if you know, that your coach holds you accountable and sees if you have done the sessions. In addition you will receive you feedback if the workout was done in the proper zone to get the targeted training stimulus.


Coaching provides hydration and fueling strategies before, during and after the session. A coach can help to prioritize with a busy schedule as well as to decide when to take a rest day. Most important a coach will discuss race strategy (e. g. power, pace, fueling & hydration), and review your race afterwards with you.


Every session should have a purpose! An easy session should be easy and a hard session should be hard. When the focus is on technique, then don't care about the distance or time.


Let us know if you have any questions for Coaching, Testing or anything else.

We are looking forward hearing from you!