Muscle Oxygen - SmO2


Oxygen is one of the key determining factors in an Athletes Endurance.
The ability of an Athlete to transport and utilize Oxygen therefore plays an important role.
The ability to measure oxygen levels direct on your working muscle gives us a new way to look at what is really happening in your body during exercise.
With SmO2 we can identify changes in Oxygen utilization and transportation and it also helps to establish training zones, from intensities of active recovery to high intensity.
Another big benefit of working with SmO2 is that we can identify the Athletes limiting System such as Skeletal Muscle, Pulmonary or Cardiovascular System and prescribe more precise and effective workouts to work on such limitations.

What is SmO2?

SmO2 is an often used abbreviation of Muscle Oxygenation, and show values from 0-100%. Muscle Oxygenation is a localized, non-invasive, measurement and is depending on blood volume, exertion levels and other factors. It measures how much hemoglobin is carrying oxygen to the working muscle and how much of that available oxygen is utilized.

Benefits of working with Smo2

  • Determining of your individual limiting system such as skeletal muscle (Utilization), pulmonary or cardiovascular system (Supply)

  • Zoning with real time data of your individual Zones such from active recovery to High Intensity Zones

  • Threshold Levels not based on percentages e.g. 90% of FTP

  • Targeting your individual Limitations may provide the best benefit of training

5-1 or 5-1-5 Assesements

Assessments are used to determine your limiting system

The benefits of Testing

  • Defining your Training Zones for the most efficient Training

  • Clarity on your Limiting System (Muscle, Pulmonary, Cardiac)

  • Get your baseline for Training

  • See if you have improved


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